About Me 

For years, Ronnie’s family vacationed in Rabun County. In 2014, Ronnie and his wife Kathy, made their first purchase in Clayton. Ronnie says, “We really felt a weekend get-away was necessary to survive living 5 days a week in the hustle and bustle of Metro Atlanta”. Last year, the Owings made a permanent move to the Mountains and have not had one regret. Ronnie started his career working for the University of Georgia using his Family & Child Development degree. However, Ronnie’s artistic flare soon led him into a career as a professional photographer. His images have been published internationally and featured regularly in such national publications as Better Homes & Gardens and Country Living. For years, Ronnie’s photography has been a favorite with Walt Disney World and could be seen on display at the Epcot Center. Among Ronnie’s favorite clients were Olympic Gold Medalist, Miss Americas, Romance Novel Models, and even The Robert F. Kennedy Family. One of Ronnie’s favorite pastimes is teaching Marketing to Professional Photographers. His expertise in Advertising/Marketing will be the very skills that are necessary in selling your home. In all of Ronnie’s travels as a photographer, he insists that there is no place like Rabun County.